Impact of Digital Twins on the Engineering Sector

Digital Twin concept is an emerging concept in the engineering sector. Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where industrial services will get dynamic digital representation. Throughout the product development life cycle, right from design phase to development phase, organisations can have a complete digital footprint of their products. These connects digital things generate data in real time, and this helps business in better analysis and predict problems and give early warnings. It also prevents downtime and develop new opportunities. All these will have a greater impact on delivering a better customer experience in business as well. It incorporates Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IOT which are key in industries. The wide spread reach and usage of IOT have made Digital Twins very cost effective and easily accessible in the business world. 

Digital Twins, the virtual counterparts of the physical assets are created as digitalised duplicates of machines or physical sites using sensors. These digital assets can be created even after the original equipment’s are manufactured. In order to create a digital twin of any physical equipment, engineers collect and synthesize data from various sources including physical data, manufacturing data, operational data and analytics software. All this along with AI is integrated in virtual model and by applying Analytics in these models we get the relevant insights regarding the physical assets. The consistent flow of data helps to get the best possible analysis. Thus Digital Twins acts as a live virtual model of the original physical equipment.

EXAMPLE: Digital Twins are used in automobile sectors for creating virtual model of a vehicle. It captures the behavioural and operational aspect of the vehicle and helps in analysis of the overall vehicle performance. It also helps in delivering customised service to customers.

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3. SEO
Strategies That Will Deliver Results

In this rapid change of market, we could find
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  • Understand the objective of SEO:

However, it is very important to understand the
purpose of SEO trends and its role in marketing and promotional activities online.
Nowadays, the goal of SEO trends for any content developer or marketer should
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In the absence of SEO, automated search bots
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  • Bank on most relevant keywords:

Just being a keyboard warrior sometimes SEO
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  • Crawlable link structures:

The success of a website depends on how easily it
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  • JavaScript may be not SEO friendly:

Many webmasters use JavaScript for links which
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the use of standard HTML links would solve the problems associated with

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