5 Emerging Tech Trends that Organizations Need to Imbibe at the Earliest

In this rapid change of market, we could find that achieving targets and also ethically tracking or accessing database had been a modern culture for the companies with an objective of accomplishment of work. Nowadays, Companies had been more focusing with a clear vision of new technologies which has resulted in reduction of work pressure, mistakes, and flaws and also reduces the human efficiency which leads to unemployment. This might lead to an advantage in accomplishment of work before time with a positive review of customer satisfaction and also increases a trustworthy relationship with the customers. That is why companies have reduced their practice of depending on human beings and are concentrating on new techniques in this unsaturated market. This factor have subsequently kept the organizations alive with dynamic technology trends in terms of buyer’s satisfaction.
‘5 Emerging Tech Trends that Organizations Need to Imbibe at the Earliest’. They are as follows:

1) Internet of things (IoT):
Internet of things (IoT) is surely a word in trend. This word does not compulsorily restrict to devices but it also contains sensors. This sensors can be utilized in various ways which may result in bringing up  collection of distinct real time data which may give a clear indication of how products are being used or predicting the buying habit of prospective consumers with additional feature of custom made solutions.
Irrespective of all merits, there are some demerits such as risk of monitoring and ensuring security, privacy and safety of personal data which may lead a company to face an adverse risk in future.

2) Smart office automation:
In this competitive market the most famous vital part is the workplace of a company, where we get wireless devices interact with each other so that it upgrades the productivity and remains the cost unchanged which may result all devices to function on their own.
Sometimes this kind of modern techniques may also result in gathering personal data which indicates a safety from cyber-attack. Cyber-attack may lead to track confidential data of a company, in that case companies may suffer huge losses in the future.  

3) Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Artificial Intelligence is a new field of study that has been incorporated in most of the successful IT companies of the modern era. It basically deals with computer controlled robots or devices which can perform the work of a human being intelligently without being controlled by them. The computers have coded programs which are incorporated in chips and are installed in the devices. The devices performs accordingly and brings out the best outcome possible.
But every coin has two sides and so does AI. Though AI reduces human involvement, it is at the same time costly for most of the upcoming companies as well as a big reason for unemployment.

3-d printing will bring a phenomenal change in the operations of any company. It will enable factories to enhance their efficiency since they can easily alter and customized the characteristics of goods by simple use of a software. 
But there is a cost which humanity has to bear, that is, increase in unemployment sector.

5) Real Time Big Data Analysis:
In today’s cut throat competitive market we could observe that the companies which have a large collection of database can gain an edge over its competitors. They can take more accurate managerial decisions with respect to consumer buying habits, taste and preference and purchasing power.
But the company should be aware of strategically handling the data inflow, if not, it can lead to incorrect analysis and managerial decision.

Hence these above factors should be taken with caution for the betterment of the upcoming and existing companies so that there should not be a downfall in unemployment sector.

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